Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Methods of learning languages.

I think the Natural Approach is a good way to learn English. To support the brain, we have to communicate to each other. So, in the Natural Approach, students are reading and reading to passages. Students also learn the language by responding in writing and discussing among them. The problem with this method is students don’t have exercise in grammar, vocabulary and spelling. The teacher also doesn’t correct the students’ mistakes. However, I think that it is okay because the students soon will discover their mistakes by reading, listening and discussing a lot.

The importance influenced on me when I was a child

My grandfather was an important influence on me as a child. He was very strict and brave as he was an army before. For example, with his bravery, he was ready to do anything for the country and he fought the enemy for the sake of the country. Also, he did not afraid with the enemy in order to get the independence. I listened to his stories and felt very impressed with his bravery. I felt very lucky to have a grandfather like him because with his bravery, had taught me to always love our country and try to maintain this freedom for the next generation.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Academic Writing

Rites of passage that I know about : the graduation ceremony- the UiTM’s graduation ceremony.

To give an appreciation to the students for finishing the studies, UiTM held a graduation ceremony for them. The venue of the ceremony is at the main hall of the university. The ceremony started with the attending of the parents to the main hall. The parents then take the seats. Then, the students, lectures and special guests entering the main hall with the slow music background which is a traditional song. Next, UiTM’s song and the National Anthem are singing. After that, one of the special guests gives the speech to the people. Then, the students name called and they walk across the stage. They will receive the certificate which symbolize that they had finished their studies successfully. At the end of the ceremony, the UiTM’s group of choir does the performance. Then, all the graduates keep their sweet memory by taking some pictures after the ceremony.
The most interesting event from my friends.

In my opinion, the most interesting event is from my friend, Syaima’. The event is her cousin’s wedding. What had attracted me to choose her event are the clothes that the people wear which is all blue in colour. That must be very nice. Most of the guests were coming in groups which I think really happening because the more, the merrier. All the guests were served with the buffet food. But I think, the most interesting part is the event was playing the love songs as the music background. That was really romantic especially to the bride and the groom who are really in love.

Journal Writing

My memory that involved my parents teaching.

When I was 7 years old, my mother had taught me on how to wear my school shoes. It was really exciting since it was my first time wearing school shoes. My mother wanted me to wear the untied shoes but I refused to wear that. I wanted to wear the tied one. So, finally my mother had to follow my stubbornness. Then, she taught me patiently on how to tie the shoes. When I went to the school, I am really able to tie the shoes by myself since my mother was there to monitor me. But, when I am at school, I have to tie it by myself without my mother. Definitely I can’t do that. Then I started to cry because I can’t put my shoes on. I really didn’t remember what my mother had taught me. That was really my painful memory. After that day, until now, I will always bear in mind to not being too stubborn and always remember whatever my mother had taught.

Friday, October 10, 2008

JOURNAL WRITING : Rites of Passage

The rite of passage that I have participated is the Graduation Day. After my SPM result, all of the SPM students of my school will be invited for a graduation day. That’s mean that I have grown up and must be ready to be in the campus life. I was very happy on that day and I think not only me, but all of the students were happy too. We were wearing the graduation clothes and tassel; even we were not a university student yet. That was really happening and exciting for us. After the graduation, we will take some pictures so that the sweet memory will be memorable for us.

ACADEMIC WRITING: What important lesson did you learn from playing as a child?

When I was 10 years old, I learned a lesson about how we should care and love to animal. I have a pet that was very cute kitten named ‘Putih’. I named it like that because he was white in colour. I love him very much as I feed and bath him everyday. Sometimes, I even hug and sleep with him. As times goes by, he had grown up and didn’t play with me anymore. I also didn’t care for him anymore because I thought that he was not cute since he had grown up. Then, one day, I found out that Putih didn’t come home. Maybe that was normal for a cat like him leave home when they had grown up but I was so worried and regret for didn’t care for him anymore. I should love him even he had grown up. Until now, Putih didn’t show up. I was very sad. Now, I learned that we should care and love animals like we care for people.